Expertise and consulting for agri-food industry

Customised support to answer your issues in management of product quality and conformity to regulation

consulting for factories

Support to manage food safety, consumer satisfaction, conformity and business performance

Facing the regulatory, quality, and business stakes you meet, we propose customised advice from an expert with twenty years of experience in scientific and technical support for agri-food industry, in order to improve your processes and develop your performance.

With Safe & Taste, we propose a clear and pragmatic approach : from the understanding of you need to the support of your teams for the implementation of durable solutions, while respecting the confidentiality of the information :

  • Define the needs
  • Evaluation of the initial situation and identification of solutions
  • Sélection and implementation of the selected solutions
  • Validation of the results

Examples :

  • Optimisation of the analytical control activity : internal and external laboratory, online control (sensors, automation of controls), audit of external providers and subcontractors ;
  • Implementation and optimisation of survey plans, food fraud, food defense, nutritional labelling, identification and selection of subcontractors
  • Technical and organisational support to set up action plans in accordance with analytical results
  • Scientifical and technical survey for specific needs or training to speed up internal projects
  • Customised supprt on technical issues : identification of the need, clarify the goal and expectations, propose and test solutions, identification and connection with external partners if needed
  • Customised support for quality challenges due to new raw materials or suppliers (specifications), management of allergens, pesticides, contaminates, optimisation of shelflife.

Our service is both technical and organisational, ensures that the need is clearly understood and takes care about including all involded parts in the proposed solution.