Expertise and consulting for agri-food industry

Customised support to answer your issues in management of product quality and conformity to regulation.

About us :

Enthusiastic about the pleasure of good food, I left Alsace to study in Dijon, Lyon and Paris to learn food microbiology. I studied the natural production of flavour compounds by fermentation and the growing conditions of microorganisms. After a few years of work experience, I wanted to expand my knowledge towards flavour biochemistry, analytical chemistry and sensory analysis. I achieved this project through a phD thesis on the flavour of cooked cured ham at INRA Dijon.

I built up my competences in research and development, quality management and people management by working experience in meat industry companies for CTSCCV, and then dairy industry for Bel Group. My success in projects combines listening and understanding the needs, selection of general information and scientific data, and pragmatic evaluation, in order to propose practical solutions, adapted to the technical and organisational issues.

In 2019, I created Safe & Taste, in order to assist food companies which are facing growing challenges from consumers and laws regarding food safety, conformity, transparency, authenticity… In order to adapt to this moving and competitive context, companies need to supplement their internal know-how by a network of reliable and reactive external competences.

The mission of Safe & Taste is to provide a customised technical and scientific support to companies, in order to help solving their challenges in food safety, flavour and nutrition : compliancy with regulation, consumer satisfaction and industrial performance.